Postpartum weight loss, Pelvic repair and Lactation Massage

Postpartum weight loss

  • What is the best time to start postpartum weight loss?

    The most important period for weight loss is from one to six months after giving birth.

  • What are the treatment items?

    Weight loss can be achieved through acupuncture, massage, cupping, steaming therapy and bandaging.

  • How can acupuncture help lose weight?

    Through the stimulation of acupoints, it can regulate and replenish internal organs, increase metabolism, suppress appetite and dredge the meridians, so as to achieve the effect of lipid reduction and weight loss.

  • How can cupping help lose weight?

    As the birthing process depletes mom’s vital energy, it allows wind coldness to penetrate into skin and joints. Cupping can help warm the meridian, dispel dampness and disperse cold, promote qi and blood circulation, so as to help lose weight.

  • How can steaming therapy help lose weight?

    Steaming therapy can eliminate postpartum edema through perspiration, improve metabolism and burn excess fat to help get back in shape.


Pelvic repair

  • What problems can be caused by postpartum pelvic loosening and deformation?

Low back pain, pubic pain, urine leakage, pelvic tilt, long and short feet, fat accumulation in waist, abdomen and thighs, knee joint varus or pain, uterine prolapse and so on.

  • What is the procedure of pelvic repair?

Step 1: Massage the waist, abdomen and thighs;

Step 2: Bone setting. In response to different problems that occur after giving birth, corresponding treatment will be given, including:

i. Correction of scoliosis and spine curvature changes

ii. Correction of sacroiliac joint misalignment

iii. Correction of pelvic tilt and valgus

iv. Correction of anterior pelvic tilt

v. Repair of pelvic floor muscle relaxation


Lactation Massage

  • Through hot compresses and massage techniques to dredge the mammary ducts, increase milk production and prevent breast diseases such as mastitis.


  • In the first 3-7 days after giving birth, obstruction of mammary duct, insufficient milk, difficulty in expressing milk and breast pain are extremely common in women who are breastfeeding. All these problems can be treated by professional Lactation Massage techniques.
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